We Measure Our Success by How We Help Our Clients Achieve Their Goals


It takes more than just knowing labor and employment laws to effectively represent employers in California; it takes understanding an employer’s business from the client’s perspective. We work with management to identify and prevent those employment risks unique to each client, not only to avoid costly litigation, but to empower employers to succeed in a legal environment often at odds with business interests.


We partner with our clients to find creative and practical business solutions to complicated legal questions. When litigation is unavoidable, we have a proven track record of successfully prosecuting and defending a variety of lawsuits on behalf of employers across a wide range of industries.


Throughout the process, we never lose sight of “the bottom line” and make efficiency a priority. We invest our own resources in the most up-to-date technology to reduce our clients’ costs. Our highly-qualified attorneys are competitively priced and offer hourly, flat fee, and retainer-based services to accommodate the needs of every client.


We have the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to effectively represent employers of any size, in any industry, regarding any employment issue. Perhaps more importantly, we have the personality and integrity to inspire confidence in our clients and to maintain excellent working relationships for years to come; because in the end, our clients’ success is our success.